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The Pan American Games are one of Americas' largest sporting events. In 2019, Record TV was the only non-cable TV channel in Brazil that held the broadcasting rights to the games that happened in Lima, Peru. There were 41 countries and more than 6 thousand athletes competing for almost 7 thousand medals.

On our side, more than 100 professionals in São Paulo and Lima dedicated themselves to 24-hour coverage, in one of the largest multiplatform actions ever made in the country.  We pulled out all the strings to bring the best of the sport to viewers and Internet users.

900 hours of live broadcast

8 live broadcast signals were made available for Internet users to follow the games and each of them had its own announcer and commentator. We took the games to all platforms, with content strategically designed for each one. It was possible to follow live, but also thru posts on social networks, podcasts and even on Google, which was a great partner during this campaign.

In one month and with more than 3,390 contents published, we reached over 74 million multiplatform impressions and 5 million video views.
Reprodução/Record TV
On R7 and on OTT
Record TV

During 19 days, Record TV opened a space on its usual schedule to show the 2019 Pan American Games on TV. We also had Momento PlayPlus (PlayPlus Moment) on the network, where a presenter showed the main highlights of the day of competition. In PlayPlus, our OTT service, subscribers could follow all games live, have access to different broadcasts and exclusive content.

The same 8 exclusive channels were available on, Record TV's news portal, and on a portal developed exclusively for the event. There, internet users followed news, photos, videos, infographics, the updated medal board and the profiles of the main athletes. There was also news features about the host city, local cuisine, culture and repercussions of the games in Peru.

A blog was also developed to receive special analyzes from commentators who worked in the broadcasts.
Alexandre Loureiro/COB
On social media

​The social media team was extremely important in consolidating this campaign. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and a strong work with 2.0 Customer Service made a total difference in the broadcasting of our content.

An social media team was responsible for live-tweeting, with excerpts taken from the TV broadcast and distributed on our Twitter timeline. We surpassed 364K views, and we reached 33 mi impressions. We created, in partnership with Twitter, a personalized hashtag (#PanNaRecordTV), which had an exclusively developed emoji for our broadcast. The comments with our hashtag appeared on the TV screen or were read live by the announcers on each specific broadcast.

We also published these excerpts of videos, photos and graphic package pieces designed exclusively for the Pan on Facebook. In addition to the RecordTV, Portal R7 and PlayPlus profiles, we created a group to share our information with those who were interested in consuming our content. In an unprecedented partnership, we created exclusive filters for Facebook stories.
Record TV

On Instagram, the athletes' scores were delivered to the feed as soon as they were updated, as well as the updated medal board for the event, the games’ schedule and videos of the main moments of the competitions.

From Monday to Saturday we broadcast a live on all platforms mentioned above with Ale Xavier, sports presenter. Ale commented on the highlights of the games, the backstage of the competition, the athletes' performance and gave space to commentators, who gave their opinion and evaluated the 2019 Pan.
Reuters/Sergio Moraes - 09.8

Direct from Lima, the host Lucas Pereira produced daily content for the R7 at Pan 2019 podcast, reflecting on the main events of the games, with exclusive analysis. In addition to the Google podcast, which distributed our product as a highlight, we were present in the main aggregators of the market, such as Spotify and Spreaker.

Google partnership

Record TV broadcasts also had a partnership with Google. Everytime the user searched for content about Pan in the search engine, he was shown a panel with content from Grupo Record (Record Group), where users had greater interactivity through news, polls, photos, videos and GIFs. We also took advantage of Google Posts space to deliver our curated content.

Two of our hosts took questions about the Pan and talked about the coverage of the games and other moments of their careers on Google Cameos. We achieved over 3 million impressions with those videos.

We also bet on Google Tenor, a custom gif sharing tool present on the main chat platforms. We created an official channel to make our content available on Tenor.
Reprodução/Record TV